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The Final Project

The goal of the Final Project is to create a series of 10 related images on a theme of your choice.

Examples from Spring 2021:


Examples from Fall 2020:

Jonathan Lopez


Rany Selem


Daniel King


Isadora Martinez


Final Project Statement– Post to OpenLab by November 30, 6 pm

Topic: What is it about? What genre of photography interests you and would you like to explore: street photography, food photography, portrait photography

What purpose will it serve in your portfolio? Do you want to highlight your

conceptual thinking, your design sense, your lighting skills

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot?

Style: What will it look like? How will you use photographic style to communicate

emotion and point of view? Find at least one example and include at least one

image with your description.

Lighting: how will you light your project? This may be daylight.

Due Week 13, Nov 30, Shoot 1 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr and mood board

Create a mood board for your project-use Instagram or an internet search to find 6 photographs by 6 different photographers that look like what you want the photos in your final project to look like. Post the images to a gallery on OpenLab with a short description of what you like about the photos. Please be courteous to the photographers and list their names!

Due Week 14, Dec 7, 6 pm:

Shoot 2 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 15, Dec14: Shoot 3 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 15, Dec 14:

  • final 10 images selected, adjusted in Lightroom, and posted to an album on Flickr
  • a presentation to the class of the final images.

HW 8: Photographic Style

Select a national magazine, TV Show or movie that uses portraits in its advertising. Find three to four examples that use a similar style. Put them in a gallery block on OpenLab and answer the following questions to describe the photographic style that is used for that brand.

Identify the lighting style used including the angle of view, lighting pattern: Rembrandt, split, butterfly light, broad or shot light. How much fill is used to brighten the shadows? How is a background light used to separate the subject from the background? What is the palette? How tight is the framing?What is the angle of view?

Then create your own photo for that entity following the style guides.

Put at least 20 photos in an album on Flickr from your shoot.

Add your single best to your openlab post with a short description of how you matched the style of the existing brand.

Category: HW 8 – Photographic Style



Mary Poppins

Game of Thrones

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before



HW 7: Environmental Portraits

4 pts. Due Nov 16.

Shoot a total of 40 environmental portraits of four different subjects- 10 each. 

Environmental Portrait-a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and so that the surroundings illuminate something about the  subject’s life.

When shooting indoors, remember keep the shutter speed faster than 1/60. Better the raise the ISO. It may be too dark. If so change the location!

When shooting outdoor, shoot in diffused light: either shade or cloudy weather.

Make sure that there is light on your subject’s face.

Environmental portrait examples:

HW 6: Window light portraits

Due November 9. 6pm. 4 pts.

Create a series of 20 portraits using window light. Try to work with at least 2 subjects. The assignment can be done with a cameraphone or a camera. If you don’t have a good window to work with, work outside during the day in diffused light. This means on a cloudy day or in the shade. Check the weather and plan ahead.

Pay attention what is in the frame and make sure the background adds to the photo and is not distracting.

Your photos should use light, expression and the relationship between the subject and the surroundings to be expressive. No props. If you have curtains or venetian blinds, you may use them as elements in the photos.

Make global adjustments in Lightroom and put your final 20 photos in an album on Flickr. Send your best 2 to the class group.

Examples from last semester

HW 5: Halloween

Due Nov 2, 6 pm. 4 pts.

Capture decorations, costumes and events of the holiday in 30 visually engaging photos.

Shoot outside preferably during the day though sharp night photos will be accepted as well. Soft or very poor quality – high ISO photos – will not be accepted for credit.

Post your final photos to an album on Flickr and send your best two to the class group.

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