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Final Project Statement

For my final project I will be focusing on important landmarks in Brooklyn. I’m going to to take the photos from different angles so that viewers can see it from different perspectives. Some of the landmarks are less known than others but I hope that by capturing them people can see different aspects of Brooklyn.


Photographed by Michal Bednarek

Photographed by Louis Vest

Photographed by Mark Giarrusso

Photographed by Andrew Prokos

Photographed by Kino Alyse

Photographed by Dje514 (Deviant Art)

Final Project Statement

My final project is going to be inspired by photobashing where art and our environment is combined. I will take tons of photos and scenery or whatever I like and draw over it. I love drawing and nature as well. Therefore drawing over my environment is the perfect way to bring the two together.

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