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Gordon Park- HW#1

Lorena Gonzalez


Photography II

Professor.  Robin Michals

In this photo we see a profile image of Watson taken by Gordon Park in1942. The image of Watson takes place when Gordon Parks went to Washington DC to start his career. He came across her and asked her if it was okay to get a picture taken of her. He started documenting the African-American community. The image taken by Gordon Parks American Gothic. 1942 has a nice image of Watson profile. We see a picture of her holding a broom and a mop one in each hand with an American Flag in the background. She is dressed as if she was a janitor with a dress on and glasses. She doesn’t look very happy about her job. There is a Pattern in the background with the American Flag lines and the stars. There’s also a bit of contrast in the image. The image is in black and white but you can see some of the shadows on her face that look dark close to black and the white lines in the background and highlight on one side of her face. 

So this Image by Gordon Parks American Gothic.1942 has a history behind it. Gordon Parks is a photographer who took pictures of the African- American Community life and culture in the early 1940s to late 2000s. This image of Ella Watson by Gordon Parks is a representation of an American black worker working in Washington, DC. I see this image expresses how she felt while she was at work. 

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