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Daniel Rodriguez Final Project Idea & Moodboard

Photographers inspired

Topic:  My Topic is NIght Portrait Photography

This purpose will serve my portfolio is to show variants of ways to photograph a single person or a group event.

Subject Matter: Shoot specific locations that offer unique lighting to place my subject under.

Style: My photos will look like portraits with unique lighting. The photographic style I use to communicate is Lighting Style using different lighting styles like Rembrandt, butterfly, Broad, Short, and split. to capture different emotions from a subject.

Lighting: my Lighting is using lights sourced from cars, stores, and street lamps to capture these photos

Find at least one example and include at least one image with your description.

HW 8: Photographic Style

For this homework, I chose the Netflix series, Queen’s Gambit. The Lighting style they use is Split light. The main light is on the front 45-degree angle, on the left side of the actor face. The way how to the actor is position is front view and they were mid to close shots to capture the detail of the chess pieces and the actor.
-Daniel Rodriguez

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