For my final project, I have decided to do my own theme. My theme for this project is called Professions of Queens. I decided to take this route as I feel that the people of New York who make up this city, their effort make this city what it is and without them New York would not be what it is.

Over the course of the semester, there were many assignments that I have enjoyed. First, is Lab 4: Lighting for Mood. With this lab, we got to work with light and manipulate the mood using various light sources. Another lab assignment I enjoyed, Lab 7: Freezing and Blurring Motion, we used various shutter speeds to capture a range of subjects moving or being still. A third assignment that I also enjoyed working on is Lab 10: Aperture, Depth of Field, and Perspective. In this lab, we took photos of flowers making sure the flower was in focus but its background out of focus.

For my project, the shooting style that I will most likely use is shallow depth of field. I love this style of shooting because it highlights your subject as the background is blurred or out of focus. For this project, I would like to incorporate all the skills I learned from the above labs I mentioned. It will give me the opportunity to improve on the various shooting styles and boost my ability to shoot in public areas.

For this project, I do not think I need to work with others to get these photos taken. However, some moral support from friends would be nice. My schedule for this project is a bit hectic, as my focus was given to other projects, but I feel that I can get it done in time. I would like to take a day and explore and see what I can find.

My project is called Professions of Queens. I plan to capture moments in time of people working their jobs or people dressed in their job attire. Professions that I would like to shoot are firefighters, police officers, sanitations workers, MTA workers bottle collectors, deli owners, delivery/bike messengers, etc. I believe that these jobs help make the city what it is. The message is that without these people working these jobs certain things would not be done, and that these jobs provide for the public and benefit the city. I will take photos mostly around the city. I will mostly be shooting in Queens as it is my borough and it easy access.