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HW 8. Human connection with Nature.

 The neighborhood park as it consists of multiple sections which cater to different groups of people and different activities for example skateboarding nature, basketball soccer, and baseball to a few different people from different backgrounds come here to socialize and communicate with each other which I believe would be an amazing place to take pictures, also this park has amazing views, and is surrounded by nature, which helps the theme of humans bonding with nature and socializing. I chose this park as it reminded me that sometimes we as humans need to go outside and be one with nature. The park also hosts local community gatherings, which I believe could help me get some amazing photos as we are entering spring break and a lot of people would tend to go outside around this time so my focus for the project is to get amazing shots, sunlight, nature, different sections of the park as well as the connection between human and nature, as I hope to get  more shots with humans bonding with nature. The part also changes and gets upgrades over the years so I hope I could capture the wear and tear within the park as it shows that people are going there and not just abandon it as nowadays less people are going to parks and spending more time indoors so I feel like this would be an amazing project and a chance to get beautiful shots. I also want to show how humans bond with nature and even though we destroyed at times we often always come back to it and see it as this park is one in a few that actually has a lot of nature and trees which I believe, makes it very special to the community and the people that inhabit for generations to come.

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  1. rmichals

    Your local park can be a great theme for your final project. It can be a microcosm of the neighborhood with all age groups from families with small children to teens to old people. if there are events, go to them. These are easy to photograph as there is generally action and activities. How to show people connecting with nature in a park may be more difficult but I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    What will your project look like? You didn’t supply any photos.

    Here are a couple of photographers that have worked in city parks:

    Bruce Davidson

    Jamal Shabazz

    These photographers workin very different ways. Shabazz usually talks to his subjects and has them pose.

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