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Lab 12 – Outdoor portraits

Take portraits in three ways:

  1. Start with a reflector. Have your model stand with the sun to their back. The sun is the separation light and will create a lovely rim light around the subject. Use the reflector to reflect light back into their face. Hold the reflector higher for a more pleasing result.

2. Then with the subject still with their back to the sun, use flash to brighten the model’s face. Use the flash on camera at a relatively low setting such as 1/64. You don’t want to cast any shadows on the face just brighten it.

3. Bounce the flash off the reflector onto the subject’s face. You will need to raise the power of the flash.

Use the shooting mode manual and the widest aperture (smallest number) for shallow depth of field. You may need to use a fast shutter speed to compensate. When using flash, make sure to set it to High Speed Sync (HSS) in order to be able to use a shutter speed faster than the sync speed.

Make sure to photograph everyone in your group, not just one person. Put your 20 best outdoor portraits in an album on Flickr and send the best two to the class .

Final Project Statement

For my final project, I have decided to do my own theme. My theme for this project is called Professions of Queens. I decided to take this route as I feel that the people of New York who make up this city, their effort make this city what it is and without them New York would not be what it is.

Over the course of the semester, there were many assignments that I have enjoyed. First, is Lab 4: Lighting for Mood. With this lab, we got to work with light and manipulate the mood using various light sources. Another lab assignment I enjoyed, Lab 7: Freezing and Blurring Motion, we used various shutter speeds to capture a range of subjects moving or being still. A third assignment that I also enjoyed working on is Lab 10: Aperture, Depth of Field, and Perspective. In this lab, we took photos of flowers making sure the flower was in focus but its background out of focus.

For my project, the shooting style that I will most likely use is shallow depth of field. I love this style of shooting because it highlights your subject as the background is blurred or out of focus. For this project, I would like to incorporate all the skills I learned from the above labs I mentioned. It will give me the opportunity to improve on the various shooting styles and boost my ability to shoot in public areas.

For this project, I do not think I need to work with others to get these photos taken. However, some moral support from friends would be nice. My schedule for this project is a bit hectic, as my focus was given to other projects, but I feel that I can get it done in time. I would like to take a day and explore and see what I can find.

My project is called Professions of Queens. I plan to capture moments in time of people working their jobs or people dressed in their job attire. Professions that I would like to shoot are firefighters, police officers, sanitations workers, MTA workers bottle collectors, deli owners, delivery/bike messengers, etc. I believe that these jobs help make the city what it is. The message is that without these people working these jobs certain things would not be done, and that these jobs provide for the public and benefit the city. I will take photos mostly around the city. I will mostly be shooting in Queens as it is my borough and it easy access.

HW 8. Human connection with Nature.

 The neighborhood park as it consists of multiple sections which cater to different groups of people and different activities for example skateboarding nature, basketball soccer, and baseball to a few different people from different backgrounds come here to socialize and communicate with each other which I believe would be an amazing place to take pictures, also this park has amazing views, and is surrounded by nature, which helps the theme of humans bonding with nature and socializing. I chose this park as it reminded me that sometimes we as humans need to go outside and be one with nature. The park also hosts local community gatherings, which I believe could help me get some amazing photos as we are entering spring break and a lot of people would tend to go outside around this time so my focus for the project is to get amazing shots, sunlight, nature, different sections of the park as well as the connection between human and nature, as I hope to get  more shots with humans bonding with nature. The part also changes and gets upgrades over the years so I hope I could capture the wear and tear within the park as it shows that people are going there and not just abandon it as nowadays less people are going to parks and spending more time indoors so I feel like this would be an amazing project and a chance to get beautiful shots. I also want to show how humans bond with nature and even though we destroyed at times we often always come back to it and see it as this park is one in a few that actually has a lot of nature and trees which I believe, makes it very special to the community and the people that inhabit for generations to come.


The theme of my project would be my neighborhood Bushwick. The story I want to tell in this project is to show the beauty of Bushwick and not what is becoming today with the gentrification that’s going on but the Bushwick that I grew up with. Bushwick is such an iconic part of New York , there’s so many beautiful photos I can take that shows how beautiful it is. The subject matter will try to show what bushwick represents, the communities , the scenery , the people. I will try my best to shoot all around bushwick or what I can do depending on my work schedule but the goal is to show the neighborhood from all its parts. I think I will use a range of techniques for this project so I can capture the neighborhood in many different ways. I’ll be using leading lines , rule of thirds, frame within a frame, etc. I think this will be a fun project because I’ve loved living in Bushwick all my life and capturing photos with what I’ve learned now within the class will make it ten times better. With this project I want to try my best at capturing the feeling of Bushwick and what it is. One of my favorite assignments was the midterm assignment. I was able to capture a beautiful scenery of Domino Park and I think in my pictures of that assignment you can see the beauty of that park within those photos. I found this photographer named Leanne Staples that gave me the inspiration to do my neighborhood. I thought her pictures matched bushwick for what it is and not for what is becoming with the gentrification that is happening. It was beautifully done in my opinion.

HW 1 – Photo Description

Suzanne Stein – Ginette

Suzanne Stein photograph of Ginette gives off a good depiction of a hoarder as she shows the many useless treasures one only can cherish, it’s almost like each piece of junk shows a hint on the many adventures the woman has encountered. It also leaves u questioning on how the woman made it to such a cramped space wondering if she finds comfort being isolated. A interesting detail about the photo are her signs and pantings/posters can represent on the places she’s been or the places she fantasize on going like the panting of the Eiffel Tower.

Suzanne uses the rule of third to show the feeling on being stuck with walls full with precious junk giving the thought on how she struggles to let things go holding on junk she no longer needs. She also uses figure to ground between the woman and her belongings giving a messy look wondering why the woman can easily live in a pile of junk.

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