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The theme of my project would be my neighborhood Bushwick. The story I want to tell in this project is to show the beauty of Bushwick and not what is becoming today with the gentrification that’s going on but the Bushwick that I grew up with. Bushwick is such an iconic part of New York , there’s so many beautiful photos I can take that shows how beautiful it is. The subject matter will try to show what bushwick represents, the communities , the scenery , the people. I will try my best to shoot all around bushwick or what I can do depending on my work schedule but the goal is to show the neighborhood from all its parts. I think I will use a range of techniques for this project so I can capture the neighborhood in many different ways. I’ll be using leading lines , rule of thirds, frame within a frame, etc. I think this will be a fun project because I’ve loved living in Bushwick all my life and capturing photos with what I’ve learned now within the class will make it ten times better. With this project I want to try my best at capturing the feeling of Bushwick and what it is. One of my favorite assignments was the midterm assignment. I was able to capture a beautiful scenery of Domino Park and I think in my pictures of that assignment you can see the beauty of that park within those photos. I found this photographer named Leanne Staples that gave me the inspiration to do my neighborhood. I thought her pictures matched bushwick for what it is and not for what is becoming with the gentrification that is happening. It was beautifully done in my opinion.

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  1. rmichals

    I look forward to seeing how you develop this topic. Many of your example photos do not have people and I assume if you want to show the community, you will need to show people. The weather will be nice over the next weeks and there will undoubtedly be community events, sports in the parks and so on. There are also the main shopping streets: Myrtle Avenue and Broadway. The light in the spring/summer under the elevated trains can be spectacular.

    To get a sense of what Bushwick was like in the 80s google Meryl Meisler Bushwick and select images. She also always photographed night life but you can see many images of how devastated the neighborhood was.

    You might also want to ask some older family members about neighborhood history. This could add some depth to your project.

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