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The theme of my project would be my neighborhood Bushwick. The story I want to tell in this project is to show the beauty of Bushwick and not what is becoming today with the gentrification that’s going on but the Bushwick that I grew up with. Bushwick is such an iconic part of New York , there’s so many beautiful photos I can take that shows how beautiful it is. The subject matter will try to show what bushwick represents, the communities , the scenery , the people. I will try my best to shoot all around bushwick or what I can do depending on my work schedule but the goal is to show the neighborhood from all its parts. I think I will use a range of techniques for this project so I can capture the neighborhood in many different ways. I’ll be using leading lines , rule of thirds, frame within a frame, etc. I think this will be a fun project because I’ve loved living in Bushwick all my life and capturing photos with what I’ve learned now within the class will make it ten times better. With this project I want to try my best at capturing the feeling of Bushwick and what it is. One of my favorite assignments was the midterm assignment. I was able to capture a beautiful scenery of Domino Park and I think in my pictures of that assignment you can see the beauty of that park within those photos. I found this photographer named Leanne Staples that gave me the inspiration to do my neighborhood. I thought her pictures matched bushwick for what it is and not for what is becoming with the gentrification that is happening. It was beautifully done in my opinion.

Food Photography

It could feature different types of food illuminated by natural sunlight in various settings, capturing the warmth and richness of both the food and the sunlight. Each photograph could tell a story of freshness, vibrancy, and the connection between nature’s light and the beauty of food.

Final Project Statement

The theme of my project is people and their instruments; music. My life has been and continues to be surrounded by music and every time I play with my band it is such an amazing feeling. The sounds, the looks, the vibes, the moment altogether it is a source of happiness. That is what I want to capture and show, I want the viewer to see the emotions and the moments between a person and their instrument. This theme is perfect as I have people I can work with and am comfortable with to photograph. I have a sister who is talented in many instruments and has these instruments so I hope to photograph her and I can gather my bandmates for a session to be able to capture them with their instruments and be able to experiment all types of shots, angles, etc. Through the city there are always performers/musicians out and about whether it is in the streets, subways, tunnels, parks. You can find them just by listening, which is the best part. I will also be walking around either before or after my classes taking advantage that I take the train and use my free day to capture different moments throughout the day. Music is man’s greatest creation in my opinion, and such people are gifted with it, it is amazing how easily it can bring people together which I hope to capture as well dancers, smiles, spectators/onlookers, it should be more centered around people and their gifts, with music being the center of it all. For techniques I hope to use close ups, filling the frame, medium shots, freezing and blurring motions and different angles like worm view, with the instrument being the subject and the person being blurred in the background or being far away.

Final Project Statement

For my final project, I have decided to do my own theme. My theme for this project is called Professions of Queens. I decided to take this route as I feel that the people of New York who make up this city, their effort make this city what it is and without them New York would not be what it is.

Over the course of the semester, there were many assignments that I have enjoyed. First, is Lab 4: Lighting for Mood. With this lab, we got to work with light and manipulate the mood using various light sources. Another lab assignment I enjoyed, Lab 7: Freezing and Blurring Motion, we used various shutter speeds to capture a range of subjects moving or being still. A third assignment that I also enjoyed working on is Lab 10: Aperture, Depth of Field, and Perspective. In this lab, we took photos of flowers making sure the flower was in focus but its background out of focus.

For my project, the shooting style that I will most likely use is shallow depth of field. I love this style of shooting because it highlights your subject as the background is blurred or out of focus. For this project, I would like to incorporate all the skills I learned from the above labs I mentioned. It will give me the opportunity to improve on the various shooting styles and boost my ability to shoot in public areas.

For this project, I do not think I need to work with others to get these photos taken. However, some moral support from friends would be nice. My schedule for this project is a bit hectic, as my focus was given to other projects, but I feel that I can get it done in time. I would like to take a day and explore and see what I can find.

My project is called Professions of Queens. I plan to capture moments in time of people working their jobs or people dressed in their job attire. Professions that I would like to shoot are firefighters, police officers, sanitations workers, MTA workers bottle collectors, deli owners, delivery/bike messengers, etc. I believe that these jobs help make the city what it is. The message is that without these people working these jobs certain things would not be done, and that these jobs provide for the public and benefit the city. I will take photos mostly around the city. I will mostly be shooting in Queens as it is my borough and it easy access.

Final project statement – Aryan Lnu

The theme that I decided to work with for my final project is reflection and New York City through reflections. I decided to go with this theme because I personally enjoy reflection pictures and thought it would be interesting to look at New York City through reflection. Moreover, I believe reflections to be an introspective look into someone, something, or somewhere. Reflections also add a fun depth to pictures and add an additional dimension to them. For this project, I plan to go to different parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan to take pictures.

The time for when I take these pictures may vary, but for most, it will be midday pushing into blue hour due to reflections needing a good amount of light, but I may venture into night photography in the city due to the light sources available, such as buildings and billboards. I aim to take pictures in Brooklyn Heights promenade, central park, flushing, unisphere, and other areas to capture the essence of New York City and its different cultures and architecture. I plan to capture pictures of buildings, ponds, puddles, and any form of reflection that depicts some kind of story, as shown in the pictures below.


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