The theme of my project is people and their instruments; music. My life has been and continues to be surrounded by music and every time I play with my band it is such an amazing feeling. The sounds, the looks, the vibes, the moment altogether it is a source of happiness. That is what I want to capture and show, I want the viewer to see the emotions and the moments between a person and their instrument. This theme is perfect as I have people I can work with and am comfortable with to photograph. I have a sister who is talented in many instruments and has these instruments so I hope to photograph her and I can gather my bandmates for a session to be able to capture them with their instruments and be able to experiment all types of shots, angles, etc. Through the city there are always performers/musicians out and about whether it is in the streets, subways, tunnels, parks. You can find them just by listening, which is the best part. I will also be walking around either before or after my classes taking advantage that I take the train and use my free day to capture different moments throughout the day. Music is man’s greatest creation in my opinion, and such people are gifted with it, it is amazing how easily it can bring people together which I hope to capture as well dancers, smiles, spectators/onlookers, it should be more centered around people and their gifts, with music being the center of it all. For techniques I hope to use close ups, filling the frame, medium shots, freezing and blurring motions and different angles like worm view, with the instrument being the subject and the person being blurred in the background or being far away.