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Final Project Statement

For my final project, I decided to do a series of portraits and take 10 pictures of 10 people. My theme will be finding beauty in the ordinary moments of everyday life. I will take pictures of people going about their daily lives or in ordinary environments to show the beauty and importance as it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty all around us in everyday moments of daily life in a world where the exceptional is frequently the focus. My goal with this series of portraits is to draw attention to the seemingly ordinary while highlighting the depth and importance that surround regular everyday life. 

The assignment I most enjoyed was window light portraits. Using diffused light from windows or the outdoors enables the making of portraits that capture the beauty of daylight. Natural light, as compared to artificial lighting arrangements, has a gentle, attractive mood that may bring out the subject’s features and produce a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in the pictures. I found this assignment interesting because working with natural light was exciting and challenging as you need to be creative about it. To obtain the right lighting effects, you must adjust and experiment with various angles and positions because you have no control over the light source itself. This challenge pushes you to think outside the box and try new approaches. 

For this assignment, I will consider asking friends and family members to be my subjects. They will be comfortable being photographed and can spend some time with me near a window during the day or even with proper room lighting. I will be shooting both indoors and outdoors just to experiment and at the end decide which pictures look better with my techniques. I believe that to get excellent pictures, I have to help my subjects express themselves honestly and freely. I need to talk to them to gain real emotions and expressions and let them express themselves without restriction. Remain calm and be prepared to capture candid moments.

I will be experimenting with different framing techniques, but close-up shots, medium shots, and eye-level will be my main techniques.

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  1. rmichals

    Window light portraits of your family is a coherent topic. Just give each person enough time to feel comfortable in front of the camera. the portraits that you have included here are all very different from each other in technique. The second photo is shot with a ring light. You can use window light as front light if you have your back to the window and your subject is facing the window. Just ry to avoid wide angle distortion which will come from being too close to your subject.

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