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Final project statement – Aryan Lnu

The theme that I decided to work with for my final project is reflection and New York City through reflections. I decided to go with this theme because I personally enjoy reflection pictures and thought it would be interesting to look at New York City through reflection. Moreover, I believe reflections to be an introspective look into someone, something, or somewhere. Reflections also add a fun depth to pictures and add an additional dimension to them. For this project, I plan to go to different parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan to take pictures.

The time for when I take these pictures may vary, but for most, it will be midday pushing into blue hour due to reflections needing a good amount of light, but I may venture into night photography in the city due to the light sources available, such as buildings and billboards. I aim to take pictures in Brooklyn Heights promenade, central park, flushing, unisphere, and other areas to capture the essence of New York City and its different cultures and architecture. I plan to capture pictures of buildings, ponds, puddles, and any form of reflection that depicts some kind of story, as shown in the pictures below.


1- Eric Van Nynatten

2- Angela B. Pan

3- Andrew Prokos

4-Jay Maisel

5-Karina Eremina

6- Leila Brewster

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  1. rmichals

    This is a theme I think you will have fun with. Think about how the reflections can work in your photos. Your examples are a good place to start.

    1. I love the first one where the reflection is so different than the gray street. So think about how what we see in the reflection can change the photo.
    2. In the fourth picture, the mannequin looks like she is running in the street that is shown in reflection. the more interaction you can get between the physical things shown and the reflections the more interesting it will be. this photo is so much more successful than the one right before it.
    3. The 5th image works better than the 6th for reflections just because the reflection is more prominent. In the photo shown here of Central Park, the reflection is an after thought. Make your reflections the most important thing in the photo.

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