Today, we will visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Look for Daffodil Hill, Magnolia Plaza, and the many different kinds of cherry blossoms. When you are photographing see if you cn figure out waht is unique about each one.

On our field trip:

Take at least 10 different long shots that use perspective to depict deep space. Look up at a tree or along a path. Use either converging lines or diminishing scale or both. These photos should use extensive depth of field meaning everything from near to far should be sharp.
Using the shooting mode Av, set the aperture to f11. Use auto ISO.

Take at least 20 close up photos of individual plants that use shallow depth of field. There should be something in the foreground and something in the background. Don’t shoot from an aerial or bird’s-eye view for these photos. Sometimes the foreground should be in focus, sometimes the mid distance and sometimes the things in the far distance. Use the shooting mode Av, set the f-stop to f/4 with auto ISO. Make sure that your shutter speed is faster than 1/60 th of a second and that the blur in the photo is shallow depth of field and not motion blur.

Put your 30 photos in an album on Flickr. Send your best example of perspective and of shallow depth of field to the class group.