4 pts. Due May 1, 12 noon. 30 photos in an album on Flickr.

Shooting outside during the day at a location of your choice:

Take at least 10 DIFFERENT long shot photos that use perspective to depict deep space. This can be either converging lines or diminishing scale or both. These photos should use extensive depth of field meaning everything from near to far should be sharp. This may not be possible in dark indoor spaces but should be possible outside or in bright indoor spaces.

Take at least 20 DIFFERENT close up photos that use shallow depth of field to isolate the subject from the background. The subjects of the photo need to be at varying distances from the camera.

If you are shooting with a camera phone, you can get real shallow depth of field vs blur created by an App by getting very close to the subject and having actual space between it and the background.

Put your 30 best photos in an album on Flickr. Send your single best photo with deep space and perspective to the group as well as your best example of shallow depth of field.