My theme for the final project will be black and white city skyline landscapes. My original theme idea was black and white portraits. But, I decided to go for another approach outside of my comfort zone. The reason I am going for a black and white edit is because of the aesthetic it gives the photos. I feel as if city skylines should always be photographed in black and white, the effect is just meant to be. Giving the photos a vintage New York City look and feel. The story I want to tell with my theme is that our city is iconic and we should admire it, just as the tourists do. Since we lived and grew up here, we’re used to the hustle and bustle of the city life, the whole lots of people, the whole lots of traffic, and the whole lots of skyscrapers, we never stop to see what our very own city has to offer. That is the beautiful city skylines, my subject matter. The architecture and structure of our magnificently abnormally large skyscrapers can truly be seen from a distance, not from a worm’s eye view, but from across the East River. The city itself even knows that which is why they built parks on the riverside in Queens and Brooklyn for citizens and people worldwide to come and see that magnificent city skyline. These parks on the riverside are where I will be shooting throughout the last 2 weeks of the spring semester. The techniques I will be using are depth of field, fill the frame, reflections, symmetry, frame within a frame, rule of thirds, leading lines, long shots, and high and low-angle shots. These techniques are going to blend perfectly with my theme because I will be focusing on architectural structures and buildings.