Review Global corrections

Global corrections adjust the entire file. In the Lightroom, it includes the controls under Light, Color and Effects. In Lightroom classic, this includes everything in the basic panel: White balance, Tone and Presence.

Download and color correct the four files. Put the corrected versions in an album on Flickr.

Local corrections

After you make global corrections, sometimes you will want to make corrections to part of your image. Generally, the brightest part of the image commands the most attention. Sometimes that is not where you want your viewer to look first so shifting the exposure of parts of your image can create the image you want.

The Adjustment Brush

The important thing in this photo by Bryan Rodriguez is the face of the card player. However the cards are brighter and demanded too much attention. Using the adjustment brush, I darkened the cards. Creating a second adjustment, I lightened the face of the card player a little more. The goal was to bring more attention to the person’s face and less to the overly bright cards.


Lightroom allows you to select either the sky or the subject. the sky masks works well with building or other hard lines around the sky. It is not soeffective with trees or other soft edges.

After doing global corrections on each file, use the adjustment brush on the flower, sleect sky on the building photo and select subject on the portrait to make local adjustments.

Lab exercises

Adjust the photos above.

Working with your partner, you both adjust one of their photos and one of your and compare.

Put your results, a total of 8 photos, in an album on Flickr for today’s lab credit.


Final Project – 20 pts

Due next week, May 18:

3 albums each of a minimum of 30 photos

1 album of the 10 best photos adjusted in Lightroom

a 3-5 min presentation of the final project – projected from the album on Flickr.

Presentation Guidelines

  1. Start by introducing yourself and your project. Then outline the big picture with a few sentences sentence such as, ” I photographed variations on the theme of windows. Most of the photos were taken in downtown Brooklyn.
  2. If you are showing 10 images, you have about 30 seconds to describe each photo. Tell us what your intention was, what interested you about the photo we are looking at, and give us information we may need to know to understand the photo. Tell us what makes it visually interesting ie the use of shallow depth of field or some other feature.
  3. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.
  4. Do not tell us about what you did to the photo in Lightroom.

All the World Photo Contest Submission – 4 pts

Put a small jpg and your bio for each of your three photos on Google docs and share it with me. I will use the suggestions feature to edit the bios.

You will also need a photo release for each subject and proof of submission.

to get credit, email me the proof of submission.

CUNY Photo Challenge submission – 1 pt Extra Credit