At first, I thought about making my theme center around animals but I felt that it would be somewhat limiting and I had focused on dogs for my midterm. Instead, I decided that my theme would consist of capturing my neighborhood and interactions within it through my perspective. My neighborhood and the people in it are significant to me because of its diversity and because it is where my family first arrived yet there are visible signs of economic disparity due to the growing gentrification that has been occurring over the years. I would like to attempt to capture all of these factors into my final photography project due to the fact that I have been feeling that this change has become normalized and expected when it should not be. The subject matter in my project will consist of people, small businesses and architectural buildings or means of transportation within my neighborhood as I feel that in capturing these subjects, my intended story will be able to unravel smoothly. I will shoot in areas within my neighborhood as well as a couple of areas that I visit often in neighboring neighborhoods. I expect to shoot outside during the day, cloudy or sunny for ambient light as well as indoors and adjust the exposure on my phone camera if needed. I will attempt to use diffused lighting as I plan to mainly shoot outdoors and some shoots will possibly consist of an extensive depth of field. As for my angles, I plan to shoot in a worm’s eye view, low-angle, eye-level, and possibly a high angle since I will be focusing on architectural structures, such as apartment buildings. With my theme I intend to incorporate the rule of thirds, frame within a frame, patterns, symmetry, and leading lines as part of my composition when shooting. 

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