Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

Final Project Statement

For the final project I have decided to take photos of the greenery and flowers of Central Park. There are many statues and other landmarks that represent Central Park as well as a variety of forest and trees. Although this will be my main focus, I will also try to capture some people walking in the park. I want to show the different trails one can take and how different it is compared to the city we live in. I will mostly shoot in the daytime but would also like to see if I can take some shots at night as not many people visit during the nighttime. For the nighttime pictures I plan to shoot where there is more landscape in order to capture the light of the lamp posts. I will use different techniques such as depth of field and composition. I want to do a variety of shots that go from a worm’s eye view to a long shot. I want to mostly do closeups with flowers and longshots on landscapes. For the final pieces that I choose I hope to capture the landmarks of central park as well as show some sights that people might not know are in central park. Seeing how it is a giant park I will mostly focus on the south and north of the park and shoot around the areas that have the most greenery. 


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  1. rmichals

    In your first sentence you state that you want to do plants in Central Park. but the end of your statement, you are talking about the landmarks. I think you would be better off focusing on the trees and plants as opposed to showing us the landmarks that everyone already knows. You could try to do the Central Park no one knows. Or focus on people as that is always different and changing. what ever you decide to do you the light. If you want to photograph at night, I suggest the blue hour- about 20-30 minutes after sunset. Once it gets really dark everything gets very contrasty and its hard to make a lovely image.

    You have some nice examples on your mood board.

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