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Jessica Li Final Project Statement

 For the final project, the overall theme is neighborhood portraits. The story that I want to tell the viewers is New York City can be a beautiful place even though it’s a busy city and also what it is like to spend the day in New York City SoHo. I want to show viewers what New York City is like during the daytime and nighttime. The location I will be shooting at is SoHo New York City also known as South of Houston Street. SoHo has very interesting architecture and has become a high-end neighborhood with a lot of shops. This neighborhood is known for high-end boutiques and cast-iron architecture. The subject matter in my photos is people outside and building structures and streets in the neighborhood. For example, people eating, walking around, and shopping. Capturing people and cars in motion with the unique architecture in SoHo. These photos will be taken during the daytime and nighttime when there will be many people walking around and shopping or walking around. For the nighttime pictures, I will be capturing the nightlife and what it is like at night in the neighborhood. I chose this theme to show what it is like in SoHo and where I grew up shopping. Showing the interesting building structures and streets. Some techniques that I will be applying to my photos are the different angles of view, depth of field, motion shots, and other photographic compositions. Also, applying the techniques on how to use a camera that I learned in class. To conclude, this is what and when I will be shooting for my project and where I will be shooting for my project. Revealing what SoHo is like to viewers that may have never been to that neighborhood. When doing this project I will be using different techniques and applying them to my project.

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  1. rmichals

    A portrait of Soho is a good idea for the project. You might want to focus the project on either the architecture or shopping – the stores and the people. I noticed that you included a photo of a reflection in your mood board. Reflections in store windows could be really interesting. You might also include a couple of portraits. I like the portrait example you included. If you want to shoot in the evening try in the blue hour right before it gets really dark. About 20 minutes after sundown is a really good time. Once it gets really dark, there is a lot of contrast and it is hard to get shots without glaring lights.

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