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Wayne Family Murders

It’s only right that cinema’s most flashbacked scene belongs to one of pop culture’s biggest icon. The champion of justice. The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, He is vengeance, he is the night. He is Batman! The most flashbacked scene is the night Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down in Crime Alley after seeing a Zorro movie (Or The Grey Ghost, if it’s the Animated Series, which counts because it had a theatrical release within the same continuity) by Joe Chill (Or The Joker if you’re Tim Burton). Usually it is done by having an Adult Bruce Wayne have a nightmare or explain his origin to an ally like when he recruits a new Robin. He goes through those like people go through underwear.

Usually it used to show that young Bruce Wayne also died and from the ashes rose the person who would eventually become the Batman.

Reservoir Dogs “The Commode Story”

http://The Commode Story

For my Flashback scene I choose Reservoir Dogs which is  Quentin Tarrantino’s first feature film. This scene is about a guy trying to convince his crew that he’s made out to work for them, and to gain their trust he tells them a story. He starts by telling his made up story and when he gets to the peak of the story, it turns into a (fake) flashback where you are placed in the bathroom with him. This is displays classic Tarrantino, which has great script, intense scene, some humor, and nonlinear sequence.  I love this scene because it is full of suspense and filled with so much tension between him, and the cops. The part where it flashes back has been editing into black and white, which I think is helpful to differentiate the present to past.  It is hard to explain more without giving away the film or ending. I won’t give any more spoilers but if you haven’t seen this movie do your self a favor and watch it. Warning: There are some curse words.

Pirates of The Caribbean

When I think of big sets and enormous budgets I think of films that take place in different environments like  otter space, different planets mythical worlds and  exotic places.  I choose Pirates of the Caribbean for many reasons, one, cause I love those films and the stories in them! Two, because the sets are so great. They filmed everywhere around the world for this films from London, to Puerto Rico, to Dominica and other Caribbean islands, and of course Disney Studios. Every film give you a feeling of authentic islands and vast oceans, and even the crew looks real, when they show indigenous people they actually look like them! And Third, because Johnny Depp has a pirate? Come on it’s amazing and you know it! All four installments combined have had a budget of about 1 billion dollars and have grossed 3.7 billion world wide.  I have posted a video of a classic scene which depicts typical Pirates of The Caribbean aspects, real sets, sword battles, fast paced movements and Captain Jack Sparrow getting into shenanigans.

Homework #4 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron had a budget of about $280 million, and made over $1.4 billion worldwide. I believe that this movie captivated a lot of viewers because of all the CGI. Plus a lot of people are into Marvel comics. I can see why it was a big budget movie because of all the big movie star actors are in it and the visual effects put into the movie. They really put a lot of detail from making Tony Stark’s high tech lab to the design of Ultron. I think the budget was worth it because they made a profit. To make a movie with all that visual effects and so much detail poured into it and end up with a huge profit is good.

HW #3 Cannibal Holocaust Controversy

Cannibal Holocaust is a found footage horror film released in 1980. The film is directed by Ruggero Deodato and tells a story of a documentary film crew who traverse the Amazons to film the lives of cannibal tribes. After contact with the crew is lost a rescue crew is sent, what they recover is the documentary team’s film.

The film is interesting because it is one of the earliest films to use the found footage technique, way before the Blair Witch Project popularized it. But of course this movie is not without its controversies.

The film gained notoriety from its portrayal of graphic violence, sexual assaults and animal cruelty. The film made its premier in Italy where it was immediately seized and banned. The director Ruggero was then arrested on obscenity charges. To make matters worse rumors began to spread that the film was actually a “snuff film” due to the fact that killings look real and the actors were actually dead. When the actors was confirmed to be alive Ruggero was released with no charges. The film was banned in multiple European countries due to its graphic violence. The film did kill real animals in the film; a total of 7 animals were killed in production. The animals include a pig, monkey, snake and a turtle.

It took 20 years for the movie to be released for home viewing but even then it was heavily censored. We can see that back then that the masses were not comfortable with graphic violence. Unlike today where we glorify movies like Saw and any other killer movie. Because the movie scene was still young at the time, showing anything excessive which purpose is to make the audience feel uncomfortable and showing things they never seen before, movies like this often tend to be quite controversial. This film is still considered the top 20 controversial films of all time




Superman (1978)

This review is super biased. Because I’ve been a Superman fan from way back in the day. i’m talking “in the womb”

The opening used  in Richard Donner’s Superman is fantastic nearly 40 years later.  It starts out with a child narrating the circumstances of Superman’s stomping ground of Metropolis before he showed up. It really serves as a metaphor for our world before Superman leaped into through the pages of Action Comics #1 in April of 1938. According to the kid Metropolis was ravaged by the “Worldwide Depression” much like our world at the time.  And that the Daily Planet, place of employment for mild mannered  news reporter Clark Kent, served as a beacon of hope for the failed city.  And then we leap into the iconic John Williams score. Everyone knows it. It’s the Opening Song.  The only opening scores that can touch it in terms of recognizability  might be Star Wars, The James Bond Theme from Dr. No, or maybe Danny Elfman’s Batman.  It’s just really, really great.

Then we pan over the landscape of the icy, barren land that is  Kal-El’s homeworld of Krypton. And we enter the Kryptonian council in the middle of the trial of General Zod, his man-hating accomplice, Ursula and their mindless mound of muscle, Non.  The council is nearly unanimous in their decision to banish the nefarious trio to the Phantom Zone, Krypton’s prison dimension, but the deciding vote belongs to Jor-El, Superman’s pops. Played here by Marlon Brando, acting icon extrodinaire and a notriously difficult to work with kind of guy. Word has it he didn’t even the script throughout filming he had his own card guy. Jor-El decides to send them to the Phantom Zone causing General Zod to shout the iconic “YOU WILL KNEEL BEFORE ME!” Line. In reality this isn’t touched upon as the Kryptonian criminals are conspicuously absent throughout  the remainder of this film. After this Krypton starts self-destructing as usual and Kal-El is sent to Earth. And thus concludes the nearly 20 minutes opening sequence. And what an opening sequence it was.

The opening scene for “Iron Man”

The “Iron man”, film has one of the best opening scenes. The scene puts into pieces the entire Marvel Studios film franchise success because it was that good. I was never a fan of superhero films because those types of films were always the same, the build up, the obstacle and the action. I remember telling my friends that if Iron Man didn’t intrigue me in the first five minutes, I would walk out, which I never did. In the first five minutes we are introduced to the main character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) as a drinker, a very elegant man who wears a suit in the desert and his dialogue are set in motion. The ACDC in the background is perfection; it really lets the audience know that they are witnessing a likeable and epic character. I also like the timing of the explosions and ambush; that really sets off in the most ambiguous moment. The opening scene is movie directing at it’s finest putting the audience in a situation we’re you don’t know anything, a fast build up with the perfect timing. Trailers are supposed to get you to see movies and the opening scene is what should make you stick around for the film.

《Toy Story 3》Opening Scene

Toy Story 3 is the third series of the Toy Story family. The opening scene brings a familiar impression with Woody fighting the bad guys on a moving train. It brought back the memories of the older series fans and audience. The movie plot began with an exciting hype and having the audience prepared for a new adventure chapter.

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Rush Hour 3 Opening Scene

My favorite opening scene of all time, without a doubt, would definitely  have to be the opening scene to the movie “Rush Hour 3.” Whenever I watch movies, I feel as though the opening scenes usually aren’t the most entertaining of scenes,( considering the fact that they are just typically a five to ten minute scene that serves to give background information about the movie.) This opening scene however was an exception, for the reason being that I wasn’t expecting anything interesting to happen within the first five minutes. In this scene “Carter” is dancing and singing while directing traffic, which is something typical of his character, however, I didn’t expect a scene like that to happen so soon. It basically caught me off guard, and made a good impression on me, making me want to continue to watch the rest of the movie. My favorite movie genre is comedy, and while “Rush Hour 3”  isn’t just a comedy, it introduces that aspect of the movie before any other one, really drawing in the audience that prefers the comedy aspect of the movie, including myself. Since there are two movies that come before this one, (Rush Hour 1&2) it is typically expected that they wont be able to amount to the original, but this scene in a way makes you put away your expectations for the rest of the movie allowing you to start liking it from the jump.

Rush Hour

tumblr_m2ked2LVfP1qdm3xfo2_250 Rush Hour Starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan Happens to my favorite movie of all times. This flim is based on characters created by Ross LaManna and was released in 1998. The Opening scene to this movie in my opinion is the best opening scene I have ever seen for a action/comedy movie. This opening scene captures the viewers and give them an everlasting taste of what is to come in the rest of the flim. Carter (Chris Tucker) who in this scene, is trying to bust a guy for selling explosives (C4) is interrupted by two other officers in uniform. C4 is some of the most deadly explosives there is and should be taken very seriously but in this scene Carter is pretty jokey and lighten the mood of the movie. Even while engaging in a gun battle in the traffic heavy streets of LA , Carter finds a way to bring comic relief to the tense situation. When he does apprehend the  guy in which he was trying to bust he began to dance like his good friend Michael Jackson in the street after the car explodes because of the c4.  This to me engagages the viewers and make them yearn for whats next to come.