The opening scene for “Iron Man”

The “Iron man”, film has one of the best opening scenes. The scene puts into pieces the entire Marvel Studios film franchise success because it was that good. I was never a fan of superhero films because those types of films were always the same, the build up, the obstacle and the action. I remember telling my friends that if Iron Man didn’t intrigue me in the first five minutes, I would walk out, which I never did. In the first five minutes we are introduced to the main character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) as a drinker, a very elegant man who wears a suit in the desert and his dialogue are set in motion. The ACDC in the background is perfection; it really lets the audience know that they are witnessing a likeable and epic character. I also like the timing of the explosions and ambush; that really sets off in the most ambiguous moment. The opening scene is movie directing at it’s finest putting the audience in a situation we’re you don’t know anything, a fast build up with the perfect timing. Trailers are supposed to get you to see movies and the opening scene is what should make you stick around for the film.

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  1. I would have to say that this movie overall was a good movie. I was never a fan of actions movies. I would say if I watch an action movie it would be with a friend or because someone has recommended the movie. I would have to agree with you Pedro, if the movie didn’t catch my attention within the first five minutes I would have left the theater. You pick a good movie to write a post about. I would have to say the strengths of the post would be you took you time out to describe the main character. You also explain how the timing of the explosions was set off at a perfect time. Some people watching the movie wouldn’t really have put that much thought into it. I can say I didn’t, after reading this post it made me go back and watch the movie again and pay close attention to the minor details. Yes, watching the first five minutes the audience is surprise, I’ve seen this movie and forgot what happened in the beginning and watching it now I still was waiting to see what was coming up next.

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