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Homework #9

The science fiction film “La Jatee” is a post-apocalyptic documentary from the future. The audience follows the journey through a set of images and narration. The protagonist is a man who is sent back and fourth in time to somehow save the world. The man then pursues a woman only to witness his own death. Time travel films are the best but they are very hard to follow because time travel is very complex. My favorite time travel film is “Looper” a very underrated film with Bruce Willis and Gordon Levitt. The film takes place in the future in which, time-travel exists but is only available for the rich in the black market. Mobsters put hits on people and send them to the past in which a hit man knowns as a “looper lies” kills the target. Everything goes well until the hit man ends up killing there own future selfs or ends up being hunted known as a “closed the loop”. The hit man can never know who they kill because the target always wears a sack on there head. If the target get’s away the hit man is dead and is hunted. One day the main character Joe is sent to kill a man without a sack only to realize the man, is his future self and escapes from him.


Blog post 8

I searched online for some films that included some examples of jump cuts, unsurprisingly, I found numerous links to the movie “Breathless,” and some I’ve never heard of. However I found a link to a scene in the movie of “The Royal Tenenbaums” which I really liked for the reason being it didn’t contain dialogue, but you could merely appreciate the physical aspect of it. (I didn’t notice that another student posted the same movie until I was done with my post.) Being that I hadn’t watched it before, I initially thought that this scene was merely depicting someone giving himself a makeover, albeit it truly depicts not only a physical transformation, but a mental transformation. The use of the jump cut in this scene firstly allows the viewer to focus on the time aspect of the scene, the scene is not supposed to be five minutes, but it gives the viewer an impression that the scene lasts for longer than is showed. Secondly, by giving you shots of the film back to back, you can see that Richie Tenenbaum goes through multiple different looks and attitudes before he finally decides to commit suicide. When he does slit his wrists, and one of the kids discover him lying on the floor, there is another jump cut to him on a bed with nurses rushing him down a hall, building. This last cut builds suspense for the the next scene.

Homework #8

Breathless has the best jump cuts that a movie will ever have they really raised the bar. Nowadays it’s very hard to catch a “jump cut”. I once criticize jump cuts heavily in youtube videos, until I entered a blog competition on youtube. It’s very hard to not have a jump cut in most youtube blog videos and it’s more then confidence thing. Anybody can be filmed and everything goes okay because you can have a script and understand the character, you are suppose to be but when you have to act natural it’s tougher then it looks. There’s a lot of jump cuts in music videos. I really enjoyed this scene in The Royal Tenenbaums it has a cool jump cut scene at 0:15

Homework #7

Fan dissecting films are very interesting. I liked how he showed each location with split screen. The top showed how it looked in the actual movie, and the bottom showed what the locations look like in the present. Even though fan dissecting is interesting, I’m not really a big fan of them. They’re cool, but I rather see the actual movie. At the special features section in DVDs sometimes I’m interesting in seeing certain things, but a fan dissecting is not one of them. An example, is a director narrating or how certain great scenes are made. For the Bourne Ultimatum I saw how one of the fight scenes  were made and that was very entertaining.

hw #8

Jump-cuts in a film is defined as  an unexpected change that generally follows a sequence in a clip,  that happens to make  a person or thing jump from one state or condition to another, without breaking it’s focus. A film that I choose to talk about will be A Space Odyssey;1968. In this short clip you will see a perfect example of jump-cut ; looking from the 33 seconds to the last 45 seconds you’ll see how film jumps back and forth without breaking focus. This part of the clip you’ll see a ship going into space and the globe disappear for a short moment but it comes right back as the ship comes back. You begin to see the sequential jump from one place to another.  With the link I provide below you’ll be able to see an example of jump-cut.

Homework #7

I find “fan” movies like Attia’s, that deconstruct films and revisit locations, interesting.  I say interesting because these movies dissect films and give other fans of the movie a different perspective of the film and where it was made. I’m the kind of person who watches all the “bonus features” on the DVD menu when I see a movie at home. So I enjoy learning the ins and outs to how a film was created and put together. I have been on a tour where they show the locations scenes from my favorite show were filmed. So fan movies interest me, especially when its a fan’s take on a film I’ve already enjoyed.

Flashback in film: 500 Days of Summer

This movie is the perfect example of flashbacks in film. The movie develops by Tom talking about his time with summer and the storyline of the movie is him talking about the moments they cherished together. The movie develops in a straight line only adding the flashbacks to explain something that is happening. This is the kind of movie one can never get enough off.

Wayne Family Murders

It’s only right that cinema’s most flashbacked scene belongs to one of pop culture’s biggest icon. The champion of justice. The Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight, He is vengeance, he is the night. He is Batman! The most flashbacked scene is the night Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down in Crime Alley after seeing a Zorro movie (Or The Grey Ghost, if it’s the Animated Series, which counts because it had a theatrical release within the same continuity) by Joe Chill (Or The Joker if you’re Tim Burton). Usually it is done by having an Adult Bruce Wayne have a nightmare or explain his origin to an ally like when he recruits a new Robin. He goes through those like people go through underwear.

Usually it used to show that young Bruce Wayne also died and from the ashes rose the person who would eventually become the Batman.

Homework #6

The flashback movie I choose was Wild at Heart this movie was created in the year of 1990. This film was about a man named Sailor Ripley serving time in jail for self-defending his. After serving his time he went back to his girlfriend; Lula Fortune. Marietta, who happens to be Lula’s mother didn’t want Sailor and Lula to be together. Marietta was so serious about keeping Lula and Sailor away from each other that Marietta hired a hit man to kill Sailor. The hit on Sailor didn’t happen because there was someone else after him as well. Sailor later returned back to jail and the love the two had grew bigger. In this movie the actress Lula Fortune was describing a flashback moment, the scene was about her cousin name Dell who was fixated about Christmas. In this flashback scene, Lula cousin Dell would fight with something within him such as bad ideas. Lula describes the time Dell would want Christmas to be year round but it couldn’t be. Dell was going through something, he use to hallucinate that there were men after him. Dell also spoke about aliens and that he felt trapped.

Animation Films

The use of animation in movies is one of the greatest accomplishments in the entertainment industry.  It opened up many lanes for artists to jump into the movie industry. Animation also spoke and included another audience into film viewing. That audience is known as children, most of the movies made beforehand are more aimed towards adults. The special effects in Citizen Kane are top-notch. The use of the deep focus shot to focus in on the picture so it could turn into moving objects was great.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was the catalyst for many amazing animated movies that followed. Hercules, Aladdin, the Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, and many more. Even though Japan had animation in 1907, this was the first major animation movie that setup many more.