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My name is Pedro Amigon and this is my second year in NYCCT. I'm from Staten Island and I'm very interested in science fiction, fantasy or anything else that falls into the category of not real. I'm a big fan of super heroes my favorite super hero novel is "watchmen". I like to write and one day I want to publish a novel. The one truly place I get most of my inspirations from is when I ride the mta. I patiently sit down waiting to arrive at my destination and all my thoughts run wild into ideas. I am also a film junky.

Homework #9

The science fiction film “La Jatee” is a post-apocalyptic documentary from the future. The audience follows the journey through a set of images and narration. The protagonist is a man who is sent back and fourth in time to somehow save the world. The man then pursues a woman only to witness his own death. Time travel films are the best but they are very hard to follow because time travel is very complex. My favorite time travel film is “Looper” a very underrated film with Bruce Willis and Gordon Levitt. The film takes place in the future in which, time-travel exists but is only available for the rich in the black market. Mobsters put hits on people and send them to the past in which a hit man knowns as a “looper lies” kills the target. Everything goes well until the hit man ends up killing there own future selfs or ends up being hunted known as a “closed the loop”. The hit man can never know who they kill because the target always wears a sack on there head. If the target get’s away the hit man is dead and is hunted. One day the main character Joe is sent to kill a man without a sack only to realize the man, is his future self and escapes from him.


Homework #8

Breathless has the best jump cuts that a movie will ever have they really raised the bar. Nowadays it’s very hard to catch a “jump cut”. I once criticize jump cuts heavily in youtube videos, until I entered a blog competition on youtube. It’s very hard to not have a jump cut in most youtube blog videos and it’s more then confidence thing. Anybody can be filmed and everything goes okay because you can have a script and understand the character, you are suppose to be but when you have to act natural it’s tougher then it looks. There’s a lot of jump cuts in music videos. I really enjoyed this scene in The Royal Tenenbaums it has a cool jump cut scene at 0:15

Up (2009 film) by Disney and Pixar

The best flashback scene is in the animated film “Up”. The story starts out with a memorable emotional character flash back that is made up of short scenes with absolutely no verbal dialogue. I remember watching this film in a movie theater and this scene literally made people cry. The scene is just full of emotion and its just so powerful. We watch Carl’s life pass by in the first five minutes that are full of happy and sad moments.

The opening scene for “Iron Man”

The “Iron man”, film has one of the best opening scenes. The scene puts into pieces the entire Marvel Studios film franchise success because it was that good. I was never a fan of superhero films because those types of films were always the same, the build up, the obstacle and the action. I remember telling my friends that if Iron Man didn’t intrigue me in the first five minutes, I would walk out, which I never did. In the first five minutes we are introduced to the main character Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) as a drinker, a very elegant man who wears a suit in the desert and his dialogue are set in motion. The ACDC in the background is perfection; it really lets the audience know that they are witnessing a likeable and epic character. I also like the timing of the explosions and ambush; that really sets off in the most ambiguous moment. The opening scene is movie directing at it’s finest putting the audience in a situation we’re you don’t know anything, a fast build up with the perfect timing. Trailers are supposed to get you to see movies and the opening scene is what should make you stick around for the film.