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The science fiction film “La Jatee” is a post-apocalyptic documentary from the future. The audience follows the journey through a set of images and narration. The protagonist is a man who is sent back and fourth in time to somehow save the world. The man then pursues a woman only to witness his own death. Time travel films are the best but they are very hard to follow because time travel is very complex. My favorite time travel film is “Looper” a very underrated film with Bruce Willis and Gordon Levitt. The film takes place in the future in which, time-travel exists but is only available for the rich in the black market. Mobsters put hits on people and send them to the past in which a hit man knowns as a “looper lies” kills the target. Everything goes well until the hit man ends up killing there own future selfs or ends up being hunted known as a “closed the loop”. The hit man can never know who they kill because the target always wears a sack on there head. If the target get’s away the hit man is dead and is hunted. One day the main character Joe is sent to kill a man without a sack only to realize the man, is his future self and escapes from him.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have never seen this one, nor even knew about it. The next on my time-travel list is The Time Traveler’s Wife, a good book but not sure how it will translate into film.

  2. Time travel films are definitely a bit difficult to follow. However, I think that’s what draws you in as a viewer. At one point in the film you think you are on top of the movie and know exactly what’s going on, and the next minute, you realize you had no idea you were even lost. A movie that sort of reminds me of this is “Coherence, ” the movie starts out with characters not knowing what’s going on, however once you reach the middle of the film, you realize because you are just as lost as the characters are, it’s almost as if though you are in the movie yourself, because along with the characters you are trying to figure out what’s going on.

  3. I liked your example, Looper is a great film, everything about it is great. A good time traveling for me, would be X men: Days of Future Past. That brings your your favorite characters to the 70’s. Its pretty simple because you can tell when they travel through time but it’s unforgettable and in my opinion the best X men film ever made.

  4. “Looper” is a great film and the fun part about time travel films is that they make us question what would happen if one was able to change the past. Looper special effects were magnificent. I believe is fascinating because in most time travel films the periods of time are very apart and the scenery and costumes are detailed and according to their time. About “La Jetée” was ahead of its time, it looks very interesting because for some reason I kept looking at the images waiting for them to move but it also gives you that unease feeling like you never know what might happen.

  5. I like your chose of the film “Looper”, this is a great example of a time travel film. I like that you gave great detail of the movie and gave us a little clip of your explanation. The movie I would choose that is also a good travel time film would have to be “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, 2009. This film is about a man by the name of Henry Tamble that is dealing with a serious disorder that causes him to shift from one place to another place. Having this rare genetic disorder caused a little problem in his relationship. Henry fall in love with a woman by the name of Claire that he later married. The disorder causes gave Henry a hard time and made it difficult to be in a relationship.Henry would be in one place in time while his wife was in another place and that caused them to be in two different places of love because the love wasn’t in sync.

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