Homework #8

Breathless has the best jump cuts that a movie will ever have they really raised the bar. Nowadays it’s very hard to catch a “jump cut”. I once criticize jump cuts heavily in youtube videos, until I entered a blog competition on youtube. It’s very hard to not have a jump cut in most youtube blog videos and it’s more then confidence thing. Anybody can be filmed and everything goes okay because you can have a script and understand the character, you are suppose to be but when you have to act natural it’s tougher then it looks. There’s a lot of jump cuts in music videos. I really enjoyed this scene in The Royal Tenenbaums it has a cool jump cut scene at 0:15

1 thought on “Homework #8”

  1. Hello, I agree in many music videos there’s a lot of jump cuts. I look at this movie for first time. The actor has many different looks. He transformed to a different person. He commits suicides by cutting his wrist. There’s so much blood everywhere. He was luck, that young man found him in the bathroom on the floor. Its a great look for films now. Films change things everyday to give us a new procession on everyday movies and in life. They put it all together for us. Jump cut been around, but only some movies do this technique. I wish they would make more for us to see!

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