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Homework #7

I find “fan” movies like Attia’s, that deconstruct films and revisit locations, interesting.  I say interesting because these movies dissect films and give other fans of the movie a different perspective of the film and where it was made. I’m the kind of person who watches all the “bonus features” on the DVD menu when I see a movie at home. So I enjoy learning the ins and outs to how a film was created and put together. I have been on a tour where they show the locations scenes from my favorite show were filmed. So fan movies interest me, especially when its a fan’s take on a film I’ve already enjoyed.

Homework #3

The controversial film I chose was the 1994 film, Natural Born Killers. This movie sparked controversy because the film depicted the media’s over glamorization of crime and violence. The film’s stars Woody Harrison and Juliette Lewis, play Mickey and Mallory Knox, a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. The movie follows the couple as they commit mass murders, starting with the murder of Mallory’s parents. The movie follows the cross country murder spree of the young lovers and the media’s overexposure of it all. The media turned them into superstars. Even in prison they were “celebrities”, able to escape, with the help of the media. This movie exposed a broken system and numerous charges came that film had inspired real crimes based on the onscreen exploits of the Knox’s.