Homework #6

The flashback movie I choose was Wild at Heart this movie was created in the year of 1990. This film was about a man named Sailor Ripley serving time in jail for self-defending his. After serving his time he went back to his girlfriend; Lula Fortune. Marietta, who happens to be Lula’s mother didn’t want Sailor and Lula to be together. Marietta was so serious about keeping Lula and Sailor away from each other that Marietta hired a hit man to kill Sailor. The hit on Sailor didn’t happen because there was someone else after him as well. Sailor later returned back to jail and the love the two had grew bigger. In this movie the actress Lula Fortune was describing a flashback moment, the scene was about her cousin name Dell who was fixated about Christmas. In this flashback scene, Lula cousin Dell would fight with something within him such as bad ideas. Lula describes the time Dell would want Christmas to be year round but it couldn’t be. Dell was going through something, he use to hallucinate that there were men after him. Dell also spoke about aliens and that he felt trapped.

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