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Flashback in film: 500 Days of Summer

This movie is the perfect example of flashbacks in film. The movie develops by Tom talking about his time with summer and the storyline of the movie is him talking about the moments they cherished together. The movie develops in a straight line only adding the flashbacks to explain something that is happening. This is the kind of movie one can never get enough off.

The Hobbit Trilogy

This trilogy of films is an example of spectacle. With one of the largest production costs of all time with 623 million for the total of the trilogy production. Other movies that were in the same category were Avengers, The Dark Knight, Pirates Of the Caribbean, Transformers, etc.  I don’t think the costs is that much when one thinks about all the people that are working in it, for example the costumes designers, the special effects, the actors. It takes a lot of work and great team to put all these things together and at the end of the day the movies have been pretty good or at least most of them.

The opening scene for “The dark knight”

Opening scene I picked was from the “The Dark Knight”. It is the bank robbery and everybody is gossiping about who might have hired them and they end up killing each other without knowing that the master mind was among them. I am big fan of every movie based on comics because the background stories. The joker is a very interesting character and this was his introduction in the movie.