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My favorite opening scene of all time, without a doubt, would definitely  have to be the opening scene to the movie “Rush Hour 3.” Whenever I watch movies, I feel as though the opening scenes usually aren’t the most entertaining of scenes,( considering the fact that they are just typically a five to ten minute scene that serves to give background information about the movie.) This opening scene however was an exception, for the reason being that I wasn’t expecting anything interesting to happen within the first five minutes. In this scene “Carter” is dancing and singing while directing traffic, which is something typical of his character, however, I didn’t expect a scene like that to happen so soon. It basically caught me off guard, and made a good impression on me, making me want to continue to watch the rest of the movie. My favorite movie genre is comedy, and while “Rush Hour 3”  isn’t just a comedy, it introduces that aspect of the movie before any other one, really drawing in the audience that prefers the comedy aspect of the movie, including myself. Since there are two movies that come before this one, (Rush Hour 1&2) it is typically expected that they wont be able to amount to the original, but this scene in a way makes you put away your expectations for the rest of the movie allowing you to start liking it from the jump.

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  1. Loved the Rush Hour movies, one of my all time favorite comedy movies. The opening is hilarious, we see Chris Tucker doing what he does best. The way this film opens up tells us that this movie shouldn’t be taken seriously, it was meant to make us laugh. Since this is the last film of the trilogy the opening is quick to introduce us to the characters, there is no build up or indication of what the story is gonna be about. Because it is assuming the audience watching this has seen the past 2 movies and already know who the characters are, which is understandable, who would watch the last film of a trilogy without any context?
    The subtle touch of Chris Tucker making sure the black driver was okay while blaming the crash on the white girls is hilarious it fits his character. A little racial humor.
    While in my opinion Rush Hour 3 is the weakest movie in the trilogy I can still remember the day me and my friends saw the trailer on the big screen, the feeling of pure joy that there will be another Rush Hour.

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