Rush Hour

tumblr_m2ked2LVfP1qdm3xfo2_250 Rush Hour Starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan Happens to my favorite movie of all times. This flim is based on characters created by Ross LaManna and was released in 1998. The Opening scene to this movie in my opinion is the best opening scene I have ever seen for a action/comedy movie. This opening scene captures the viewers and give them an everlasting taste of what is to come in the rest of the flim. Carter (Chris Tucker) who in this scene, is trying to bust a guy for selling explosives (C4) is interrupted by two other officers in uniform. C4 is some of the most deadly explosives there is and should be taken very seriously but in this scene Carter is pretty jokey and lighten the mood of the movie. Even while engaging in a gun battle in the traffic heavy streets of LA , Carter finds a way to bring comic relief to the tense situation. When he does apprehend the  guy in which he was trying to bust he began to dance like his good friend Michael Jackson in the street after the car explodes because of the c4.  This to me engagages the viewers and make them yearn for whats next to come.

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  1. I definitely agree with this post. The opening scene of this movie is very action packed. Chris Tucker, a detective, was about to bust a huge weapon transaction. The guy who was selling the weapons, the C4s, had shot two cops and he began to drive away. Chris Tucker, known as detective carter in the film began to pursue him on foot and shoot at him rapidly. As the guy was driving, Detective Carter shot the car, which contained C4, which resulted in an explosion. He was so excited about this bust, he started dancing like Michael Jackson, bringing humor to the scene. Since the first time I seen Rush Hour, I have been a fan. It’s been a great series and a movie that I would love continue watching. In my opinion, this had been one of the greatest opening scenes I have ever watched.

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