Pirates of The Caribbean

When I think of big sets and enormous budgets I think of films that take place in different environments like  otter space, different planets mythical worlds and  exotic places.  I choose Pirates of the Caribbean for many reasons, one, cause I love those films and the stories in them! Two, because the sets are so great. They filmed everywhere around the world for this films from London, to Puerto Rico, to Dominica and other Caribbean islands, and of course Disney Studios. Every film give you a feeling of authentic islands and vast oceans, and even the crew looks real, when they show indigenous people they actually look like them! And Third, because Johnny Depp has a pirate? Come on it’s amazing and you know it! All four installments combined have had a budget of about 1 billion dollars and have grossed 3.7 billion world wide.  I have posted a video of a classic scene which depicts typical Pirates of The Caribbean aspects, real sets, sword battles, fast paced movements and Captain Jack Sparrow getting into shenanigans.

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  1. I definitely agree. From the naval battle ships with a tsunami happening at the same time to going to Davy Jone’s locker, this movie definitely has an enormous budget and insane sets. Of course many people would watch a movie that had gorgeous sets, great cast, and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of a pirate. People also love the huge action scenes and the various locations used across the world.The plot is very grand and epic, plus Keira Knightly is in it. The producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also known for his big budgets like Bad Boys 2.

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