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I am Kevin Bhimdass, but my friends call me Kev, Bhim, or Bhimdii. I was born and raised in New York since 1992. I have a younger brother and my family is from Trinidad and Tobago. We have also lived in Brooklyn my entire life. I went to Xavier High School, and graduated in 2010. I first attended John Jay School of Criminal Justice for Forensic Science, until i realized i wanted to pursue a different career. I transferred to City Tech last year, majoring in Computer Engineering. I was drawn to the creative aspect of Graphic Arts, so i switched my major the following semester.

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COMD 3601 E254 Information Design Fall 2017

COMD 3601 E254 Information Design Fall 2017

Thursday 6:00-8:30 pm In this course students will explore and develop several kinds of information graphics, including data graphics, visual explanations, and way finding systems. Students will also explore exhibition design. We will touch on the history of info graphics and will find ways they are appearing in new technology. This course will encourage students to stretch their minds while building on the foundation of typography, color and composition. Students will develop new skills in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, and consider other software tools for info graphics development.

COMD4900 Internship HD98 Spring 2018 Neuringer

COMD4900 Internship HD98 Spring 2018 Neuringer

Student is assigned to find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor. Approved Sites include advertising agencies, graphic design firms corporate design offices, publications art departments, photography or illustration studios, TV or multimedia production companies. Students will be required to keep a learning journal of their internship in the form of a blog using Openlab. A portion of the class will be devoted to presenting and sharing experiences with classmates. Students will learn how to assess their talents, update their resume, and promote themselves and their work through social networks during class meetings. Students will be required to setup and maintain at least two social media networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

ARTH1112 Introduction to Film-Hybrid

ARTH1112 Introduction to Film-Hybrid

INTRODUCTION TO FILM: ARTH 1112 3 class hours, 3 credits An introduction to the history of film from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to the present. Through illustrated lectures, selected screenings, and discussion, students will develop a historical appreciation of film genres including narrative, documentary, and experimental, and of the legacy of major filmmakers. Changing styles and techniques are outlined chronologically to examine the relationship between film and the visual arts

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