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Homework #4 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron had a budget of about $280 million, and made over $1.4 billion worldwide. I believe that this movie captivated a lot of viewers because of all the CGI. Plus a lot of people are into Marvel comics. I can see why it was a big budget movie because of all the big movie star actors are in it and the visual effects put into the movie. They really put a lot of detail from making Tony Stark’s high tech lab to the design of Ultron. I think the budget was worth it because they made a profit. To make a movie with all that visual effects and so much detail poured into it and end up with a huge profit is good.

Saving Private Ryan )

I choose “Saving Private Ryan” which was directed by, Steven Spielberg because I love war movies. In the opening scene you can feel that something big is about to happen because there’s a whole U.S army arriving at a destination. I felt like it built up suspense because first everything was calm, but as soon as the doors drop you hear gun shots zooming around and people start dropping dead one by one. I liked  how a group of soldiers who don’t know each other come together to achieve one common goal. I honestly recommend this movie to anyone who has never watched it. If you are into historical based movies that has to do with the World War and Nazis, then this is a movie just for you. Just to warn you, this movie is kind of graphic and gory.