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Saving Private Ryan )

I choose “Saving Private Ryan” which was directed by, Steven Spielberg because I love war movies. In the opening scene you can feel that something big is about to happen because there’s a whole U.S army arriving at a destination. I felt like it built up suspense because first everything was calm, but as soon as the doors drop you hear gun shots zooming around and people start dropping dead one by one. I liked  how a group of soldiers who don’t know each other come together to achieve one common goal. I honestly recommend this movie to anyone who has never watched it. If you are into historical based movies that has to do with the World War and Nazis, then this is a movie just for you. Just to warn you, this movie is kind of graphic and gory.

Children of Men Opening

I choose to pick 2006’s Children of Men directed by Alfonson Cuaron because I feel it does exactly what an opening scene should do, give me a lite piece of the film, capture me and want me to keep watching. And I just love when they shoot the opening scene and the titles for the film pops up!
Children of Men takes place in the year 2027 in a world where nobody can have children, the movie starts with everyone tuning into the news as they find out Diego Ricard, the youngest person on the planet at 18 was killed the previous night. Diego, being a celebrity because of his age has the world in shock, and that’s where I will leave it, just so I don’t spoil the movie! The cinematography and color palette gives the film a sense of eerie-future that is believable! Doesn’t that opening just want to make you watch the whole thing?! I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it, do yourself favor and please watch it!


homework#2 “hard scene”

For some reason the link wont appear but you can just watch it on YouTube. I know it not an opening but it is part of the beginning scene of the movie, I chose this scene because it is action packed and it start off on a very dramatic scene which i like. I choose this film because it leaves the thought of action in your memory from the first time you watch it.