Prezi Presentation

Luis Rijo

Even though I joined the team late and had to rush to get up to speed I think we had did a good job coming to term. We all easily agreed on the same point which was that technology manufacturing should be brought to U.S soil. We also all had a pretty good idea of what were supposed to discuss since we divided the work evenly. Once we started working on Prezi we had some minor issues. We were all used to working with power-point so we had to try had to not just put all the information into the slides. We also didn’t have enough time to implement visual aids; even though we looked some up. With some more time I think we can make a pretty good presentation using Prezi; it really helps deliver information in a way that keep the audiences’ attention.

Prezi Experience

Using Prezi for the presentation in class was a pretty interesting experience, especially with the little time we were given. After watching the tutorial, I thought it was clear on how to use it but I wasn’t even close. There was a lot to it and parts that weren’t too clear, like how to bold text or get them into a certain font. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where things were located.
Another big deal was the time limit we were given. Since it was the first time I used Prezi, first I had to worry about how it really works, then I had to make sure it wasn’t like a power-point. That was the fun of it and I believe I could have come up with really interesting designs if only there was more time.

A Better Approach to Presidential Debate

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