This piece had all the answers for my feelings towards a draft. These explanation as to why we do what we do when creating a draft is all so true. Donald Murray absolutely explained beautifully and described such great techniques that every line was my absolute favorite. But, in Donald Murray’s piece “The Marker’s Eye”, my favorite line would be ” A piece of writing is never finished.”(line 30). Although, I’d say the that entire paragraph is my favorite, that line just has so much to offer then what meets the eye. When reading a sentence, even if its pretty self-explanatory, its always good to  really hourly think about a bit, especially if you know the author your reading, That particular line means so much to me because everyday is a new day and there’s no limit to how much you put in a piece. New things happen t everyone by the mili-second. When righting a piece you just want to give it all and continue writing like there’s no limit. It’s similar to when talking. Similar to when I was writing my narrative education piece I just wanted to continue and tell more and more, but everything comes to an end. If I could, I would.