The times come, the time to reflect on my time capsule back in the beginning of college. I am truly amazed by how much I’ve improved. That fear of my insecurities weighing me down has somewhat disappeared. Although, I have a great professor nothing could’ve been done without my intentions. My dedication to keep this up is what thrived me to become better. Back when I wrote my first time capsule, I wasn’t the brightest with writing. But that education narrative was something and to get praised and compliments about it felt like push. A push for improving more and writing more. 

Putting together my project for the genre unit helped a lot too. The end of the project basically summed up my skills and is showing how much I’ve learned and how well put together I put myself into it. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t have any difficult projects in English. I managed most of them and understood most of them because I like to learn and find my way around the question, even if I had trouble understanding it, so that I can get it right and eventually find the solution. Also I think I did well in my Artist Statement for unit 3. That piece was something else and I typed pretty well and felt comfortable doing so. Looking back at it, it’s put together differently from how I would write it in highschool.

This term was something else and to be honest I was never fond of English, but I don’t know what took over me, but this class was so amazing. Super interactive and filled with great participating students. To be moved to do something, there has to be others moving it. The class was always filled with great discussion.