During this whole semester felt kind of like an adventure. However, that adventure went really fast. I’ve felt like I learned so much. Before this semester started I didn’t know what the MLA format was, nor did I know what rhetorical analysis was either. I learned who to do research papers in a different formats, I learned about Literacy Narrative from unit 1, I learned about researching in rhetorical analysis format from unit 2, and learned about genres from unit 3. Not only I learned about crafting different formats and analysis, I also learned how to make an infographic in unit 3. Which was apart of the whole genre thing. Picking out a topic depending who your audience was, was pretty fun to do. I did so much during this school year and I can honesty say it did get better throughout the year. However, it get challenging as time went on. Sometimes I felt like I had little to no time into doing something. I am still working on my grammar and spelling but it did get easier with the remote learning. However, sometimes the work was a little hard, it would leave me stuck. But, I have never given up and I feel like I’m striving in this class.