This semester was okay i can say. i think we all did amazing for online classes.

Iv’e learned so much in this class and i most sure that i accomplished my goals that i had from the beginning of the semester.I  promise myself i will get better at my writing, my grammar,  me elaborating more and learning from my mistakes. In this semester i learned that criticism is to help you when it comes to writing- well depends on what the reader says is necessary but besides that it can help so much and it shows me that there’s people paying closely to what i’m writing and how i’m writing. one other goal i achieve was getting out my comfort zone into writing which i mean I have stopped writing so obvious, So basic, I notice i’m starting to write with such techniques in a way students and others can be apart of.  I didn’t expect to have so much goals in writing but the ones i needed help on. The goals i had was on point ! i didn’t think hard or over think my weaknesses i just said what i wanted to focus on point. A special thank you to my English professor she helped me way more and was so patient and very honest about my work about details that shouldn’t be in and what will make more sense. And that’s all i ever needed.