In terms of this semester overall, I felt like it went by like a flash.  Although this is the case, I feel as though I learned a lot in the little time we had. The topic of genre’s was expanded for me and I learned a lot more from the lessons on genres. This term luckily did not feel difficult which is good considering my other classes were a lot more stressful. I am overall happy with my performance and work throughout the class. I feel as though I gave enough effort that I can be satisfied over. I never felt disappointed and even enjoyed the breakout room sessions.

Besides genres, I also learned a lot about what a Rhetorical analysis is and I learned how to craft one. I learned how to put all of my research together from my analysis and come up with a (hopefully) compelling unit 3. Towards the beginning I felt a bit stressed as online learning would make things a lot more tough on me and for the most part it has, however this class felt great regardless. I’ll use all of the tools I’ve learned to guide me and my future in writing. Compared to the beginning of the term, I feel a lot more confident in my writing abilities.