“Most people think that the principal problem is that writers are too proud of what they have written. Actually, a greater problem for most professional writers is one shared by the majority of students. They are overly critical, think everything is dreadful, tear up page after page, never complete a draft, see the task as hopeless.”

I like this idea because it’s the universal writing problem of all students. Most of the students are hurried to start writing in order to finish the requirements professor assigned. In the other words, they are writing for those requirements, rather then writing for their ideas. Therefore, one common consequence will happen is students tend to not know what exactly they are writing. That’s why the articles cannot be developed always and students tears up page after pages. Hereby I’m willing to share my ways to start writing for something. Take a look at the requirements first and then think of what you experienced, and then write for either your own story or opinion. The content will be rich because you knew what exactly you want to write about.