With the semester coming to an end, looking through all my work made me realize that I didn’t put much effort into my works. I just ended up trying to take the simple route and get the bare minimum for what I really needed to achieve. I haven’t really learned anything this semester. I’ve just been taking classes I’ve taken before to get the credits I needed to get. Most of which had ended up with excess work and a continued amount of stress. Looking back at this helps me think of what I was thinking back at the time. How everything felt so much clearer, so much easier to just understand things, to try new things, to attempt to get a decent grade. Now, all I expect is a greater workload where I have to put more effort into. Yet, at the same time, I see myself struggling to get by. After this semester, I just don’t know how much longer I’ll last. I’ll probably end up going on for as long as I can, trying to do my best as my message had said. I’ll try not to give in to the stress. But seeing the uncertain future coming at me really makes me just fear what else might come next. I see a road of obstacles I fear to face. Yet it seems inevitable and like everything from before, I’ll try my best to overcome them. After all, whatever I do, whatever I face, as long as I put up enough effort and give it a try, It’ll be alright.