After taking a look  at the time capsule, I reflect a lot. First, I wanna say fortunately, I’ve done everything I hoped. Homework is finished greatly, family is healthy too. I even did a little research about covid-19 by the assignment, the topic I care the most. Second, unfortunately, my life didn’t have some big changes after few months from August. But I keep telling myself that I should be hopeful to the future still because It’s the same with when I’m in August. I didn’t really know what will happen until the end of November. Why I used unfortunately this word is because after August and got so far to now, I didn’t see the things I expected happened. Thus I would like to remain this mindset to look forward to the December, the January of next year and even so on. Because I don’t know what will happen, nobody knows.  The life is like a movie and I would like to see what the next plot will be, What if something unexpected happen. So be safe.