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Proposal-Emel P

Emel P

I would like to teach the parents about the ways social media could impact your children in ways both positive and negative. As Technology has developed throughout the years it has slowly become a part of adults, as well as their children’s everyday lives especially now with the pandemic and majority of schools being forced onto remote learning. With this going on many people have noticed many positives about technology like with the current situation we are facing we could, with technology we are able to teach the students without them being in school. Although with this comes many negatives such as mental health issues as well as even physical. An example would be that many young students have been so addicted to technology they haven’t even been physically active or healthy, this is the least of our worries at the end of it. Many of these social media applications have an algorithm of how to get its users to spend more and more time on it. I would like to inform the teenages as well as the parents about this with a brochure showing some of the positives of technology if used in the correct way as well as the negatives impacts that it has on many of the teenages today.



  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Okay, this works. I can see this as targeting parents, but done in a way that they can use to talk to their teens, as well (maybe). That doesn’t really mean more than a reminder to keep it informative yet simple and clear — that works for both audiences.

    • Valentina Agnes

      I can see this being a great proposal. The way your’e targeting these audiences, parents, and pulling out the benefits of this topic is important. Coming from a family that doesn’t have a clear understanding as to why technology can actually benefit the children, will come in handy. Without technology we wouldn’t be doing what it is we do now. Like continuing class, being able to pay without card and instead with our phones. So in a sense its very beneficial for everyone.

  2. Jason Chen

    I feel like a big part of your proposal could be implemented into whatever you plan on making since it’s giving out information about the topic being explained. In your proposal, you listed a couple examples of the pros and cons of technology starting with a great example of a positive effect of technology during this current time period, giving people the ability to communicate virtually through the pandemic. Continuing on, you also listed some concerns regarding the use of technology such as becoming physically inactive and further warns the reader of the dangers of becoming way too attached to the technology around us. One of the few things you didn’t really mention though, is how you’d want to convey this information to your audience. Also, is there a specific group of people (namely parents) who you want to know about this information? Overall, I found your proposal more of part of the actual assignment rather than an idea or plan for what you’re going to do so while you didn’t really explain what you plan on doing too much in detail, I think all the points you stated are going to be helpful in whatever you plan on making.

  3. Zachary F.

    You’re overall proposal seems to be fitting for whatever you choose to do as long as it sends a clear message to the audience. Your proposal seems to include many points about the good an evil of technology, especially modern technology. You also mentioned how people can be physically drained from technology or that they lack the motivation to do anything else that doesn’t involve technology which I find interesting and quite exciting. You mentioned that you wanted to appeal to parents and teens which seems to be fine, however the only problem I see is that children who are “addicted” to technology will be reluctant to listen. If you make a strong enough message however, you may be able to twist their opinions in a stable direction. In addition, parents most likely already know about the problems with technology and social media if they have a child who suffers from this addiction. Children are going to be hesitant to listen to their parents advice. Again, if your piece is strong enough however, you should be able to inspire some to think twice about how much they spend on technology.

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