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Proposal – Valentina Agnes

I want to really break down what it is that immigrants go through everyday and what it is they do that actually help the economy and democracy. I’d like to focus on the younger generations because in my opinion older generations already have their own opinion set and stoned. But, because we’re continue this line of gen Z, I’d like to enlighten them with information that is statistically proven, instead of opinionated comments. For example, the titles a lot of Americans paint on immigrants such as, criminals, illegal, bacd, disgusting, etc. I also want to distinguish the difference between a color immigrant and a white Immigrant. As unfortunate as it sounds till this day color is still an issue and although they’re both immigrants color really does ether benefit or not for them. When portraying my work I’d like to use a power point with interesting images/texts as well as questioning the audience to have their opinions first stated and see if it change towards the end of my presentation. Power-points tend to be a good tool to really get your point across but it can be boring based on how exactly you want to display your work. Young audience get bored when seeing a power point filled with countless of words. Therefore I will put up some images and questions and some important reflection question to really put the audience in the shoes of a hard working immigrant making a living in America. Some concerns about finishing my project is whether I moved the audience. But, overall it’s to get my point across and try to unlock a new side for them.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Okay… well, we all know my feeling about PowerPoint. NO! 😀

    That said, if you could turn this into something that could be used somewhere as part of a classroom situation, that could work really well. To do that, you’ll need to build in activities, questions, things people that age will want to watch — interactive elements — and not just text, just like you said, so that’s good thinking! If you’d like to see what those former students of mine did for the 4th grade class, let me know and I’ll drop their PowerPoint into Slack for you.

    This is a good start.

  2. Nevena Vuckovic

    Since your topic is immigration, and it’s best to narrow your audience, do you think your target audience would be New Yorkers? New York is a very diverse city and a lot of people would probably connect with your topic and the information you will provide. You’re right about PowerPoint- it can be boring. Maybe a type of survey could be cool. You could ask questions based on statistics and your target audience could guess which one may be correct and maybe they’d be stunned at learning the truth thus becoming even more interested in finding out more about what you’ve discovered. Overall, I like the topic and this is so important for everyone to learn and know about and it can be especially relatable to millions of people so your target audience is a big one.

    • Valentina Agnes

      I enjoyed reading your comment. I will definitely keep this in mind. Yes my target will be New Yorkers because out city is indeed very diverse and people living here need to know that. Know that NY was made up of a melting pot and was basically brought up by immigrants.

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