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Proposal-Danielle White

I want to teach teenagers the pro and cons about social media. How it can affect your mental health and maybe your physical health. Why it is good to have social media and why it might be a bad thing to social media. This will cover the topic on communication and possibly cyberbullying. My main audience would be teenagers but given that I am talking social media, this could be relatable to young adults too. However, given that it is social media, most teens would probably find this more interesting. I’d like to create a poster or an info graphic on this topic because these seem like the most interesting ones. Also, if I am being honest making a video sounds really hard. All the editing sound like a lot of work. And I did not feel like making a brochure. I’m probably going to start off the topic by explain what social media is, what it is intended for and the features within it. I want people to know the background information before I get deeper into the topic I want to put out there.  I believe it would make sense if I make an introduction about social media even if you know what it is and what its use for, there might be people who don’t know and need the background info. The only thing I would be worried about is how my professor is going to see it. How exactly do I give it to them? Do I keep my work on the website that gives me the material to do the project? Or do give it to them on openlab or google drive?


  1. Valentina Agnes

    That is true. Social media is a platform of first generations and to be honest no one is on the Internet more then young adults or gen Z. So reaching out towards them won’t be a complicated task knowing that everyone is on swiping ups nd down, I love the topic your choosing and can’t wait to see how exactly you’ll point out pros and cons of social media and the benefits and disadvantages of it. Also spreading awareness of cyberbullying too!

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Video isn’t as hard as you might think. YouTube studio has LOTS of tutorial videos to show you how to make one quickly. Infographics are pretty easy, too — just use Canva, find a template, then start dragging dropping deleting etc.

    One thing: what’s the best way to get to teens? Do you do Instagram? Would an Insta-story be worth thinking about? If you made an infographic/poster, where might you display that? Think about “publishing” for your intended audience, and that might help.

    As for how I’ll see it — we’ll use the Google Drive. You can upload files or take pics on your phone and upload them or make a Google Doc and add a link to someplace else. We’ll talk about that in class.

    One other word of advice: this could get very complicated in terms of amounts of information. Think simple. Focus. Laser-like. Pick one thing to really highlight.


  3. Emel Pejcinovic

    I really enjoy your topic of discussion, I did mine on somewhat of the same thing. This current generation otherwise know as generation z is being affected the most due to the pandemic and the students being forced to online learning. Reaching the kids by them directly I feel is the most difficult part so informing them as well as their parents could really help with this. Social media and the constant use of technology could truly affect ones mental health. Although it does have a lot of benefits such as remote learning in a time like this. Nowadays many social media applications track and learn everything about you, even predicting the mood you are in and doing this they create a system that gets you addicted to it and feeding dopamine into your brain whenever that instagram notification or Snapchat comes up. Informing parents as well as the Gen Z of this could really help show them how this is effecting their mental heath and how to use technology in the best way.

  4. Manesa

    I’m loving this subject especially because it’s very relatable. i think a good way to catch peoples attention is bring up Instagram and snap something people knows very well. Even tiktoc !!! that actually has a lot of kids that are on their phones for hours and hours and day after day. i think you will do great on this creative unique form of a video. and i’ll be looking forward to it. for all your information to be put together all the pros and cons. to add on social networking sites make kids more self centered. Since Facebook and other sites give kids their own page which is about them, it tends to some vulnerable kids to think that everything revolves around them.

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