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Proposal-Nevena Vuckovic

I want to teach my audience about gendre discrimination in the workplace (more specifically the Film Industry), and how it affects women and their dreams. The audience I am trying to reach are people who are interested in film, entertainment, contributing to the industry, and anyone who wants to learn more about the jobs women feel they can not be that successful in. The genre I am planning to write in is probably a short video, or a poster. I am thinking of one of these two because a video will get across since I am talking about the movie industry. The poster, if i can not do the video exactly how i would like to because of the pandemic. For now I am not worried about much because I havent started to do anything yet, however I am excited to start this project and am confident I will get my point across. If I have to think of a particular concern it would probably be that I am not sure how I would do the video. It would probably be a video where I am narrating and mentioning statistics and stories that I have researched in the previous unit. The poster id probably make big with colors that stand out and an eye catching title at the top that gets people questioning what it is about. I’d try and put as much of my research in as possible because I am sure it will educate and shock others as much as it has shocked me when I first learned about it. I would add a familiar face to any genre that I am doing so that people know it is still going on. Maybe in the beginning I will mention Marilyn Monroe and go to the sexism a modern actor has experienced just to showcase how long these events have been going on.


  1. Valentina Agnes

    I really loved how you brought up a recommendation and enlighten the audience who’s interested in this field. Shines a light on something they want to pursue. The way you’d introduce it is very real like. I also enjoyed how you put yourself and did a personal experience when doing so. Giving the audience a reassurance of your own personal experience.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    This sounds great. I agree with Valentina that this could be both enlightening and reassuring. I’ll bet there are other video people in the class; it’s not that hard to make one. YouTube has lots of tutorials, Screencast-o-matic will let you create one (I can give you some help there), and there’s always MovieMaker or iMovie. I have no other suggestions at this point; just get started and we’ll see how it goes. Love this!

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