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Proposal – YongYu Chen

For unit 3, I would like to tell audiences everything about the coronavirus. Such as the background story how coronavirus developed so far, and what basic precautions people do to prevent from getting contracted. What things happened recently and try to call audiences, especially those people who slight coronavirus to take it seriously. Even we can change nothing but at least we protect our health.

Power Point will be too boring and lose audience’s patience because bunch of pages makes people feel stressful. So I would like to do either a poster or brochure. Because either of those make informs concise and people may be willing to pay a bit of patience to read, ’cause it’s short. There is not age range for my audiences because my target is all people who are possible to read my works.

To make an excellent poster or brochure isn’t that easy as imagining. Because to make informs concise, the author’s content must be concise and accurate, too. Therefore, I intend to do more research in order to reach this requirement. I will take more notes and summarize further. I start thinking to do a brochure because I may design two or three pages to exhibit my contents. Thus I think the brochure will more consist with the stereotype of something that includes few pages. Because when I say “a poster,” people always associate to some one page thing with many images and texts on its surface. That’s awkward for me to do a few pages thing.

I don’t have any concerns so far because I sort of worry about my brochure design will be ugly or miss something it should have, such as some norm everybody knows but I ignored and make it complex. Anyway, I hope it’ll be well done.


  1. Valentina Agnes

    Till this day we have many civilians who still struggle to understanding about the corona and for you to put everyone on and continue to educate those who don’t understand or just can’t keep up is very thoughtful and helpful. I enjoyed reading your proposal and the switch up of proposing it.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    Okay, good way to start thinking through this. You do have some decisions to make: brochures and posters are two very different things because one is portable and the other is meant to go on a wall somewhere. Think about who your target audience really is (and it’s not really everyone because I doubt it’s aimed at kids) and where you might either hand out a brochure or post a poster — meetings, classroom, hallway, etc. Thinking about where to “publish” something will help you make that decision.

  3. Jason Chen

    I really like how you want to spread awareness by distributing information about how to avoid catching the coronavirus and a general overview of it. What really intrigued me though, is how you also want to educate those who are ignorant of the virus. I personally feel that people who have ignored safety protocols during the pandemic have been a major factor to the spread of the virus, invoking others to stake the situation more lightly, while becoming potential carriers of the virus. I also like your approach, making something simple and easily understandable, targeting any age group for anyone who may need to know more about the current condition of society. As for your description of a poster and brochure, I don’t think it’ll be that difficult to do, but I can see how you may feel that you’ll encounter difficulties, especially trying to give out as much information on a limited amount of work space as possible, all while trying to brighten it up and make it look nice overall. On the subject of where you may publish this, I don’t think I know anything for organizations that may specialize in the publication of brochures (but then again, google can easily find one).

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