The various Englishes I’ve encountered have not affected me as much as it has affected Lyiscott or Tan. To me, using broken English most of the time is just something commonly done when you’re being informal. While my family members speak broken English and I cringe at how badly it is compared to fluent English, I do not mind it all that much since even with broken English, most people can understand them just fine. I recently also made a couple of friends online that speak in broken English and while it is hard to understand them at times, I try my best to remain patient, try to understand them, and slowly adapt, understanding what they’re saying more easily. While Amy Tan was “ashamed of her English” (Where her was referring to her mother), I just ignore the broken English my parents speak and try my best to translate anything my parents may not understand. Speaking of other Englishes like using made-up words or just something that seems like nonsense unless there’s a given context, I feel like it’s just the type of way most people on the internet would talk. While my parents don’t understand customs like this, I just try to push that thought away and just act like who I am. Everyone has their way of talking and in a certain way. In my case, everyone just jokes around with humor that people can be uncomfortable with. While I can do the same to fit in, I tend to speak and act differently, with my own “English”. Although I feel like I’m making myself more reclusive and not interacting with others because I’m acting differently from them, I’d rather be a recluse and act the way that I am rather than being a person I am not.

Disclaimer: Most of this was rambling and I don’t even know if I stayed on topic or not but at least I got to exactly 300 words while being able to attempt a response to the prompt.