English can be understood different to any individual. In my case, I am very similar to Tan’s situation. English for me was difficult at first due to my language barrier for a while. I grew up in a Russian culture and only spoke Russian at home for a while. It wasn’t until towards the end of elementary school where I began to understand English at a profound level. My grandmother, (may she rest in peace), never in her life needed to understand English as her profession was surrounded by Russian individuals who all understood perfect Russian. However this was the case, she would from time to time deal with issues of not understanding proper English. My father knew English the most as he was able to assist her which is in this scenario very luck. Another was I am similar with Tan is through test taking. Tan in the text compared math tests to English tests by claiming that math tests only had one precise answer while English answers were judgmental. I felt the same with English exams as I would always examine two similar answers and think to myself; “Which one is it”? The answers we’re slightly change and to me only appeared from different perspectives. My English had substantially improved over the years thankfully as I experienced multiple English courses which strengthened my English. Lyiscott also had a powerful point that I can relate too which is claiming herself to be “articulate”. Everyone understands English differently, and Lyiscott’s points throughout the video support that. Not only did I become fluent in English as the years went by, so did my mother. My mother would practice English with me through many fun and interactive practices. She would read to me a novel of her choice some nights and we both grew on our English skills despite my mother’s English being superior to mine at the time. In conclusion, various Englishes means to express English in your own way. Whether from another language or culture, not everyone speaks English the same way or is entitled to do so. My experience with various English is different from everyone and that’s what defines one’s perspectives and experiences with the language.